Our promise is to provide customers the reassurance that their audio video project will be completed smoothly, on-time and to their specifications. We service customers with a full suite of Audio Video / Home Theater solutions enabling us to serve as a true one-stop shop for Audio Video Integration and home theater experience with Programming and Designs that presents a common user interface to ensure ease of use for casual systems operators. We take control of every aspect of the audio video / home theater installation process so you can focus on other important things and have the confidence that the job will be done to the highest level of workmanship standards in the industry.
Whole House Audio can be a convenient feature in both new construction and existing homes whole house audio allows you to put the music where you want it. Whether that’s out on the porch in the living room or in the shower we can put whole house audio pretty much anywhere. And can be controlled however you like you could have a keypad in every room or simply carry around your phone. Call us today for a Whole House Audio quote!
We can automate almost anything we have a large product library of ideas to help you simplify your life. ex: Your Homes Lights, Air Conditioner (HAVC), Exterior Lights, Gas Lamps, Driveway Pressure Sensors(To know when someone is pulling up) and much more!!!


Whatever your commercial audio needs are we have a custom solution for you. Speech privacy systems, Noise masking systems, Background audio, Multizone audio systems, Paging systems and Existing audio system troubleshooting and repair
We offer an extensive line of products when it comes to commercial video What are you looking for digital signage, Digital Menu’s, A projector for a conference room or just simply mounting a TV and a break room we have A/V solutions to fit every application.

Anthony Jones MMA & Pro AV Jackson

Anthony “Superman” Jones is one of the pioneers of MMA in the state of Tennessee. He began his pro career back in 2010 and has never looked back. A couple years ago he made the change and started training at the prestigious gym, Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu and since he...

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Sound Masking System

  Sound Masking System   Sound masking is the addition of natural or artificial sound (such as white noise or pink noise) into an environment to cover up unwanted sound by using auditory masking. This is in contrast to the technique of active noise control....

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